Lime R

CREATIVE ARD LIME R produces a classic natural mineral look with a glossy finish yielding a multi colored marble like effect.CREATIVE ARD LIME R is a natural stucco based on seasoned lime which offers an optimum gloss. Similar to Polished Stucco but more forgiving to finish in 2 layers. The finish is glossy and smooth to touch.


CREATIVE ARD LIME R is a traditional Venetian plaster from yesteryear.It is the perfect choice to decorate high-end interiors and is widely used in foyers, hotel reception areas and concert halls. It is an eco-friendly product, obtained from selected marble powders and genuine slaked lime baked in wood-fire kilns and aged for 8-16 months.


CREATIVE ARD LIME R is easy to apply and offers an excellent water vapour permeability & good mould & bacteria resistance.